Friday, 17 March 2017

Get Rs 300 Paytm/Freecharge or Amazon Gift Vouchers By Doing daily Survey

Hi, Guys Welcome Back Today we share with you a very interesting best survey site For regular basis Paytm, Freecharge Balance, Flipkart,amazon Vouchers & Gift Cards. The Panel Station is very popular site for paid surveys and they are offering Very good amount of money on each survey and every survey you receive is paid Survey.So you can easily earn daily Basis.


How Panel Station Works:

rewardJust like every other Survey sites in India, you need to  first create an account, complete your profile and then get invites to participate in surveys that match your demographic profile and interests. Typically, you will receive more than 3 invitations per week and the average survey will take 12-15 minutes or so to complete. In my case i got three surveys in just one day with 10 minutes each.

Rewards and Money:
Each survey you participate in will help you win reward points anywhere between 50 to 1000 points (100 points=INR10) which can be redeemed against various gifts cards or vouchers and you can easily earn this much by completing just 1 or 2 surveys.
So Now We are Going To tell You how you Register on panel station and start Earning Good Money and redeem as you want.

Steps to Creat an Account of The Panel Station & Start Survey :-

  • First Of All Create an Account on the site :- Registration Link ]
  • As you Go to the Site You See account Creation Form (Check Screen short).
    panel station survey
  • Now Fill all required Detail like name(female names) gender email id and Click START EARNING button.
  • In Gender choose Male or FEMALE Only to get frequent survey it is important.
  • As you account created you receive Verification Mail click it to verify Your panelstation account.
  • Bingo ! You are ready to do survey .
  • Now within Few hours you receive your First survey now start doing your survey .
  • As your survey finish you get mentioned Points in your ThePanelStation account.

How To Redeem Your Earning/points In Panel Station:-

survey 1
Proof Image
  • As you start doing survey you Get points.
  • When You Get points worth of Rs 300 (3000 Points) You are eligible To Redeem.
  • Now login in your panel station account and in top you see Redeem Button click on it.
  • Now redeem your points on various available Gift cards or paytm /Freecharge balance.
Proof Image:-
Guys This site is very cool for regular basis earning i am not telling here you can earn instant you earn daily and redeem as your point with gift cards.In this site you get survey on daily basis so your earning comes regularly just try and enjoy.


32 India cities people is eligible for this offer so select your nearest city for registration. Ahmedabad Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata Coimbatore Indore Lucknow Pune Patna Jaipur Bhubaneswar Bhopal Faridabad Kanpur Meerut Nashik Surat Nagpur Baroda Chandigarh Ludhiana Varanasi Rajkot Ranchi Guwahati Mangalore Guwahati Amritsar Kochi/Cochin.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Domestic Hotels Booking 70% Off + 3% Mobikwik Cashback @ MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is offering Domestic Hotels Booking 70% Off.

MakeMyTrip Hotels Coupons and Offers :-

  • 70% off upto Rs. 2500 on Domestic Hotels + 20% Cashback upto Rs. 2500 in wallet coupon: BOOKHTL  (Terms & Conditions)
  • 70% off upto Rs. 1700 on Domestic Hotels coupon: HTLHURRY (Terms & Conditions)
  • 50% Off on Domestic Hotel Bookings made (Maximum Rs. 1400) Coupon Code: MMTGO (Terms & Conditions)
  • Rs.4000 Off on Rs.25000 (Minimum 3 day stay) on International Hotels Bookings Coupon Code: MMT4000 (Terms & Conditions)
  • Rs.7500 Off on Rs.50000 (Minimum 3 day stay) on International Hotels Bookings Coupon Code: MMT7500 (Terms & Conditions)
  • Rs.10000 Off on Rs.75000 (Minimum 3 day stay) on International Hotels Bookings Coupon Code: MMT10000 (Terms & Conditions)
  • 10% off upto Rs. 1000 on International Hotels Bookings Coupon code: MMTONE (Terms & Conditions)
  • 25% off upto Rs. 2000 (Minimum 2 day stay) on International Hotels Bookings Coupon code: MMTNY (Terms & Conditions)

How to get extra discount on Hotel booking at MakeMyTrip ?

  1. Visit MakeMyTrip or Download Makemytrip App
  2. Select your desired Hotel.
  3. While on checkout under Discount/Cashback Voucher apply MakeMyTrip Hotels Coupons from above to get discount or cashback.
  4. Continue as guest or login and continue.
  5. Extra 3% Cashback upto Rs. 200 on Rs. 2000: Under Mobile wallet select Mobikwik> Pay (Terms and Conditions)

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Seo-Search Engine Optimisation(Top-5 ways to optimise your blog)

Seo-Search engine optimisation is the term connected with the traffic on your blog or how to increase the traffic on your website or a blog.Search engine optimisation refers to the tricks or trips a blogger can use to optimise or increase the traffic on a particular website .So if u thinking to learn the Seo ,you must consider these top 5 methods that every blogger needs to optimise the traffic from a particular website.

I suppose if you are reading this seo post than you are already having a website or you are intersted in making one , so the basic steps in Search engine optimisation or before the search engine optimisation then you must own your own website .For holding a website either you can choose a particular hosting from any hosting provider like bluehost ,godaddy or you get the free ones like blogger,or simply wordpress free blogs.

I am discussing the top 5 Seo ways to optimise your blog,so given below are the top 5 ways to optimise your blog and get the traffic you want .

Top 5 Search Engine Optimisation Ways:-

1.Use the Keywords :- 

Keywords are the words which are having a particular meaning for a blog , what i mean by this is like people search on google like barack obama ,or something like animals ,so google takes the word to the top which is searched the most on the google and it will be on the top searches of the google, and it becomes the keywords for seo , so more the keywords you have in your blog ,more will be its traffic and hence it will be reach on the top of google searches and the maximum traffic comes from google .Google is the masterstroke for all the traffic , so we cannot ignore it.

2.Always optimise the images:-

Seo is mainly of two type on page optimisation and other is off -page or some one says it backlinks and many more names , but we are not concerned with the names we just need the knowledge of the seo .So in image optimisation , you have to take the two factors.
1.The first one is self-made images and the height should be as small as visible to the traffic to meet up the quality of the image .

2.The second one includes the links which can be given on the image , you can  put facebook page link , youtube channel link and which many more which you want .So always use the anchor tag to give the links on the image , it has many benefits one is that if someone will download your image it will be shown on his blog too and thus your link will also shown on his blog.

3.Add tags and Put the Navigation bar with the less text:-

Tags plays an important role on the blog , tag means the relating text to the blog post and hence they must be included in the required amount.
Now you know that a clean blog is always preferred over a crowdy ones , your data must be visible to everyone and everyone must get the information and knowledge what they want .Navigation bars and menus should be joined with links and must have the less text.Navigation bars should not be joined with the alot of text in it,Keywords must be used .

4.Discover What Your Competitors are Doing:-
It’s a fact and one of my Top 5 SEO Tips, that search engines analyze incoming links to your website as part of their ranking criteria. Knowing how many incoming links your competitors have, will give you a fantastic edge.Your analysis of competitors should include these extremely important linking criteria (super SEO tips), such as:
  • Competitor rank in the search engines.
  • Quantity AND quality of incoming links.
  • What keywords are in the title of linking page?
  • % of links containing specific keywords in the link text.
  • The Google PageRank or MozRank of linking pages.
5.Write Very Linkable & Sharable Content:-
An article is not a sexy thing to look at here in today’s online marketing world. Generic content can’t be slapped together and thrown online with the hope that it will get high ranking for the life of that page of content. The content could have these attributes if it has any hope of earning and sustaining higher ranking in the search engine results (many of these came directly from Google):
  • The content is useful
  • The content is original.
  • You can’t help but link to it.
  • There are supportive facts and references.
  • There’s enough detail that nobody can memorize it.
  • Something fun or interesting is included (like video).
  • It’s not just blah, blah, blah, content.
  • There’s enough call to action to invoke engagement.
  • There are visual examples, charts, and references.
  • You had multiple contributors who all link to the content.
  • You thank or compliment someone who shares it with others.
  • You have an offer, discount, or promotion included.
  • How To’s and tutorials are a great way to get people to link.
  • Create a controversy.
  • Answer questions of your clients.
  • Conduct research & discuss the results.
  • Get involved with social media like fb ,google+
  • Create lists (Top 50 Link Building Techniques, etc)
  • Get a blog and establish yourself as an authority.
So if you are beginner or expert you must know these seo strategies to make a blog more attractive and get the the traffic .I am going to post more about the seo tips in my coming posts so keep connected .

Sunday, 25 December 2016

LOOT:-Offermela Refer +sales commision unlimited {Bank+Paytm}PROOF ADDED

Offermela is the new website coming like zingoy , coupondunia and the cashback sites like cuelinks but with an advantages you can earn with the referral commision and you can claim the cashbacks and many more in offermela.

Offermela is managed by coupondunia and there new year initiative to work and built it on and there are various products and offfers you have by which you can get the commissions and transfer your money to the bank and paytm too.

there are some basic things in this website like dashboard where you can see the products ,links and offerpage and also there are earnings page where there are your earnings.Now the main thing is what to do lets go on to the steps:-


1.Signup on this website:-here

2.Now fill your details and proceed to next step.

3.Then there are two things referrals and sales commission
best part is sales commission
you will get rs 6 per refferal and for sales you can get 150-500 per sales.

4.Now move to the your earnings to the refferal page and generate your referral page and this refferal option is available until january 2017
but sales commission is awesome which pays 200-300 per sales.

i am also posting the proof below ,if u have any queries comment below.

Terms and conditions:-

1.Minimum payout 100 to the paytm.

2.Bank transfer and paytm transferable

3.The bank transfer charges are rs 3 and paytm charges are rs for 540 and also for paytm that charges are 28 for 540.

4.Check the site before joining we the team of indiatricks are not responsible for anyone's loss.

5 The offer promotions can change anytime ,we are still posting offers for you.

If you still have any queries , dont forgot to comment below in the post , we will happy to serve you best , 

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